It is an effective strategy: the better the product is presented, more clients we will obtain and, therefore, more possibilities of sale or rent we will have.

The marketing technique of Home Staging was stablished in the United States Of America in 1970 and it is increasingly important in Spain. It is a very efficient tool for delivering an atractive presentation of your house. If you want to sell or rent it in the shortest possible time, at a competitive price, Goodlook can achieve it.

A minimal investment that results cost-effective

According to analysis and statistics of French and American market, this service is the best real estate marketing. Professional Home Staging interventions reduce the time of sale in more than a 50% and also achieve to increase the price of selling or renting the property.

Moreover, the latest statistics of the USA and the French’s market show that more than the 70% of real estate agencies recommend to implement that service, as it gets excellent outcomes.

The first impression is the important one

As you know, the potential home buyer rules out a property as quickly as you are reading this text. So, we enhance the strengths of the property to provoke them a “crush”.

Goodlook is specialised in real estate marketing. We refresh the image of your property through small interventions that provide neutral and nice atmospheres, which will be more atractive for the future buyer.


With Goodlook

What do we do?

We conform our services to each customer by:

  • The appealing aspects of your property are highlighted. We also create nice and neutral atmospheres, where the buyer can picture himself living in.
  • The image of your property is refreshed through: clearing, lighting up, painting and cleaning.
  • Minor damages, which catch up the attention, are solved.
  • The decoration and atmosphere are modernized; it consists on depersonalizing and reorganizing the furnitures, just to add the minimum needed.
  • Every single stage is coordinated and monitored by us.

How do we do?


  • It is easy and very profitable.
  • Your real estate is visited and analysed for free.
  • We propose the reforms.
  • We make a budget.
  • The job is done on time to fulfill the expectations.

We take care of the whole process before selling or renting:

  • Certificate of habitability.
  • Energy performance certificate.
  • Empty the space.
  • Deep clean.
  • Photographic report.
  • We write an advertisement and publish it in real estate portals.