Buildings and touristic apartments owners, Goodlook is at your disposal. If you are looking for outsourcing both your Home Staging and rehabilitations or large-scale reforms, Goodlook can manage it for you.

We can help you to manage your clientele; refreshing the image of your customers’ properties will revalue them, and so the price of renting or selling will be keeped update.

We aim to offer global services of high quality. Coordinating different services that we manage in order to achieve the best solutions with the minimum cost and in the shortest possible time. We are focused in accomplish that high quality in the whole process.


With Goodlook

Services that we offer

    • Carpentry
    • Brickwork/drywall/plasterwork
    • Floors and paving
    • Breach and small reparations are done
    • Microcement
    • Painting and lighting
    • Heating and air-conditioning
    • Electricity and plumbing
    • Bathrooms and kitchen
    • Shutters
    • Security installations and locksmithing works
    • Demolition, empty the space, depending on the project
    • Deep clean
    • We make all the arrangements

Additional services

  • Certificate of habitability
  • Energy performance certificate
  • Registering of basic supplies
  • We make the property’s plans
  • Photographic report
  • Process to get building permits
  • Disinsectization
  • Large-scale rehabilitation of buildings: structural reinforcement, waterproofings, frontages, inner courtyards, etc.